Friday, September 16, 2005

Cherokee and Choctaw Baskets

I will have instructions here with pictures to learn the Cherokee Baskets because I am Cherokee and know this style best...but the Choctaw also weave baskets made of rivercane and their style is similar to Cherokee...the differences usually come in the way the rim and handles on the single walled baskets are made but they also made the double woven with many of the same designs as the Cherokee.

The photo here is of a Choctaw single wall river cane basket. Notice the roll rim and the handles, this is the best way to tell that it is Choctaw. The design is *Flowing Water*.

The Choctaw also have a braided top that they sometimes use. Both methods of making the rim are very natural looking and have a natural feel when adding them to the rim of the baskets. Cherokee Baskets usually have a lashed rim, in the old Cherokee Baskets these rims were usually lashed with a smaller piece of the river cane.