Friday, September 16, 2005

Woven bottom to square double woven

This is one of the first bottoms I wove for this basket. You can see the twining down the center, but I've found it hard to remove that once the basket is finished. This will however, show you what the bottom from the graph looks like in real form. This is 1/4 inch flat reed, it was difficult to work with, not as fexible as the natural cane and hard on the fingers. This is the same basic form you use for all square bottoms regardless of colors, color layout and size of the basket. There is a general Over 3, Under 3, when weaving except for designs where the weave pattern will vary.

This is the way the bottom for the design *Flowing Water* is layed out color wise. The colors for a traditional *Flowing Water* would be walnut where the red is in the photo and the bloodroot red-orange where the wine color is. *Flowing Water* however, is not a traditional name but the design is traditional. Most of the ancient designs have been lost.

Traditional Cherokee designs were nameless but certain families or clans wove certain designs. In some cases a specific basketweaver could be identified by a basket she had made or a member of her clan could be identified by a basket design.